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Find out how he wants to have sex by the way he kiss you

Kiss, once a symbol of love frivolous, today is an indicator for sexuality of us. The way he kiss you tells you how he wants to have sex.

If he kiss you fast, randomly
I mean the kiss that you do not know exactly how and where you were kissed: neck, cheeks, lips, with tongue or not. Simply is dazzling you, you are kissed with speed and passion. It is not hard to figure out that just would like to have sex with you, grab you, dazzling you, causing you to give him all the best and to have an explosive orgasm.

If he gentle kiss you
It is a quiet man, perhaps too quiet, very careful when having sex, introvert and sometimes can be very passionate though. The best part is he paying attention to foreplay. He wants to have sex with you carefully, step by step, to enjoy the moment and kiss every part of your body. He send a clear signal that, while not spectacular in bed, he will give you a romantic sex.

If gives you a french kiss
If he kiss you with lips and tongue, then wait for a very satisfactory sex. The only thing that might annoy you is that it will not be sufficiently attentive to your needs. Otherwise, his kiss tells you that he wants you and you will feel very well together. In addition, if he kiss you like this, it certainly is willing to develop sexually.

If he kiss you slowly, with patiente
If he kiss you like this, there are two choices both equally plausible: either is a very careful man during sex, giving attention to foreplay and sometimes it become sexual dominate by her date, or he wants to excite you and extend waiting for a very good sex.

If he does not gives you a french kiss
If he’s not the most exciting kiss fan,  this is not good. It may not be a good sexual partner, sometimes even careless, though his intentions are not bad at all. On the other hand, there is little chance that sex outside parties to prefer simple kisses, while eroticism kissing with tongue he will reserve it only when having sex.

If he kisses you increasingly intense
When he kiss you like that, even he send a clear signal that you like him very much and that can bring many surprises in bed or the sex is about to begin. Even you, when you kiss him like that, you tell him that you want him soon.

If he is playing with his tongue while kissing
Get ready for sex like a rollercoaster. Climb all the way up, then free fall and all sorts of amazing sensations. He wants to give you a passionate sex, erotic games and crazy moves. In short, is capable of sex as not to reject anything that will completely change the idea of sex.

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