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Diet to follow for a painless menstruation

Hormonal balance is very important if you want to go, month after month, without pain and discomfort over the period of menstruation. Studies show that a carefully chosen diet and a healthy diet helps you get rid of headaches, backache, water retention and mood during menstruation.
The days of menstruation can be a nightmare for some women because of unpleasant abdominal pain. In most cases they are mild and bearable, but sometimes even become acute and need medical help. Whatever the case, they are creating a discomfort that you feel every month.
Instead of pills stuffed with drugs and painkillers, better watch your diet during this period. Eating healthy and regular meals will make you feel better in general, and this will help you pass more easily over cramps and pain. What and how to eat?
• Avoid eating fast food and sweets. They will make you feel tired and bloated.
• Avoid alcohol, coffee, caffeinated drinks, tea and chocolate. You will be agitated and nervous during menstruation, and this will increase the pain. In addition, your coffee can irritate your intestines.
• It’s good to reduce the amount of salt, especially if your body tends to retain fluid during this period. Excess salt will only worsen the symptoms and make you feel “fluffy”.
• Choose whole grains, fruits and vegetables rich in fiber. They will help you feel full longer and avoid constipation.
• Compensates the minerals lost during menstruation (iron, magnesium and calcium) in fermented milk, bananas, green leafy vegetables and eggs.
• Eat good fats from fish, olive oil and dried fruits.
• Instead of three meals copies a day, divide food into smaller portions and eat six times a day.
• Try flax seed. Numerous studies have shown that they help reduce menstrual cramps. Add two tablespoons of flax seed per day for salads and you will see the benefits.
• Drink plenty of water. Good habits of diet and prolonged effects you may notice an improvement in your body to the rest of the month. Do not pass in the other extreme and not become a passionate diets. Decrease or, conversely, the surge in weight can disturb your menstrual cycle. No one says that during menstruation are not allowed to do sports. On the contrary, the movement is indicated because it helps the secretion of endorphins, which reduce pain. In addition, if you do more exercise during the month, you are more likely to have a painless menstruation.
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