5 things to do with chocolate during sex

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Erotic games bring sparks in the bedroom, and if you add anything sweet and aphrodisiac, you get an incendiary sex! For a sweet sinful sex, indulge in chocolate! Because chocolate is an aphrodisiac and that is sweet. And even if it would be an aphrodisiac, what does it matter as long as spirits run high succeeds in bed?
Chocolate is simply wonderful! Why? Because about chocolate all said in recent years that has a beneficial effect on sexual life since it can increase libido.
It is said that chocolate was used even by Maya tribes, who used to drink chocolate for fertility. Even during the ritual of marriage they used to drink a concentrate chocolate beverage.
Recent studies have discovered something that makes me change my ideas when I see a good chocolate cream. What I mean? It seems that chocolate contains phenylethylamine  – substance that produces a mild dream state and is produced by the body when you fall in love and before you got an orgasm. Do men know something when they do gift boxes of chocolates?

5 things to do with chocolate during sex

– doing oral sex with chocolate taste – here you have 3 options: take a chocolate cube in your mouth and melt it while you kiss him in the intimate zone; put chocolate sauce on his penis and do oral sex; you are doing oral sex but he puts a condom with chocolate.
– using chocolate painting – you need a soft brush and melted chocolate. Imagine the sensations you can feel when you feel the brush gently sliding your body … You can freely design painted forms, depending on how are you: romantic, passionate and playful.
– eating ice cream on his abdomen – an ideal mixture is a little vanilla ice cream and cold hot chocolate sauce on top.
– licking the chocolate sauce from your body – for that, all you need is a chocolate sauce tube that beloved have to use on your breasts, belly and also in the intimate area!
– buying underwear or an accessories made by chocolate – you can find them on the sex shop and after you buy them, you can invite your boyfriend to undress you … bit by bit …

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